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Inspired by the beauty of the natural world , it’s colours , harmonies and history.

Through my paintings I tell the stories of hidden worlds , of places where the connections and vibrations of the natural world are highlighted in colour and symbolic images.

I feel deeply privileged living in the Spanish Mediterranean countryside, being influenced by the geographical and historical paths that evoke and connect me to a deeper understanding of my internal world.

I hope to share with the viewer a sense of connection and peace.

All my original paintings are sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist Lizbeth Bells 

1986  graduated fine arts degree Cardiff 

2014 exhibition casa de cultura pedreguer 

2014 exhibition casa de cultura gata 

2015 exhibición event la sella pedreguer 

2015 exhibition galería marina gata de gordis

2015 exhibition  galería M13 gallery gata de forgot

2016 exhibition ayuntamiento de Calpe 

2016 exhibition bar la plaza Calpe 

2017exhibtion el coral del pato gata de gorros

2017 exhibition restaurante venta la parra gata de gorros

2017 exhibition casa de cultura gata de gorros

2018 exhition restaurant el gaucho javea 

2018 exhibition casa del cable gallery Javea

2019 exhibition restaurant los arroces Alicante 

2019 exhibition ca Lambert gallery Javea

2020 exhibition casino bar Pego 

2020exhibition casa de cultura gata de gorros 

2020 exhibition gallery Tao ondara 

2021 exhibition Almacén gallery Alicante 

2021 exhibition restaurant el

Coral del pato gata de gorgos 

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